September 1st Quick Update

Here we are, a month later after my last update. I obviously didn’t engage myself as I had planned. Yet though I’ve been silent, I’m really close to the release of another novel. I’m hoping it’ll be live within the next few weeks.

There are certain world events in my new novels I would like to tie together. Part of that depends on getting future stories out. So the events in The Unresting will be felt in my upcoming novels, as well as potentially bringing back some of the characters (though likely not right away). Anyway, it’s part of the brainstorming.

Finally, the other thing you’re going to see is a semi-shared world between myself and romance authors Gabbi Wright and W.G. Spencer. They introduced a shifter mythos in their Girl of Flames series, one that I helped create. You’ll see the tie-in with my next release, and maybe I’ll share some details at that point as well.


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