Who Are Your Top 5 Friends?

I recently read an article (on Medium, I think) that said that you are the average of your type five friends. If you surround yourself with positive and successful people, well, that’s a good place to be. If your friends are negative and lazy… well…

When you take a look at your friends, do you find this applies? Do you surround yourself with the kind of people that you look up to and that inspire you?

Over the years, my circle of friends has shrunk, at least, as far as those I interact with and see often. Social media has kept the world smaller, and my circle of friends exists more heavily online than face to face. Best friends have moved away, and I either stayed in contact with them or let them fade away. And that’s a two-way street. It’s life, really.

It makes me think of the friendship and relationship dynamics of the Sims games. You don’t call or interact, friendships die.

So the ones you do stay in contact with, well, those are the ones who obviously matter. If you’re a writer, are your friends published? Do they actively market themselves? And I think more importantly, do you share within this circle your successes, so that you pull each other up?

It might seem weird to require your friends to meet a certain standard. But if you have a weird diet (like being a vegan), do your friends respect that, or attempt to sabotage you? If you need support (emotionally, spiritually, whatever), are they there for you?

Are you there for them?

Anyway, just thoughts.

I started August working on my novel I’m planning on finishing this week, and ended up coming up with a ton more stuff to add. I slept my morning away today (I’m physically exhausted) which is not good for my goals. I’m going to try to make it up, but we’ll see.

So yesterday amounted to only 786 new words and a bunch of brainstorming that I need to implement. It’s good stuff, so no regrets, and it only makes the book stronger (and more fun (IMHO).

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