Sunday Escape

Yesterday didn’t turn into a great writing day, maybe got in an hour of editing and weaving new story ideas into the draft. All in all, I added another 778 words. Deleted other stuff.

For the rest of the day, we got out of the house, a little later than planned, and went to Malad Gorge for a few hours. We had initially planned to head into the Sawtooth Forest, but didn’t have the time, what with the kids needing to get to work and all.

The Devil’s Wash Basin at Malad Gorge

On a positive note, I think all the necessary details and fun stuff have been plugged into the first draft. I’ve got about 10k to go through and make sure the story is clear before it’s off to editing.

I’m not entirely on schedule for the month, but I’m surprisingly close. Depending on what I get through today, I may well have only to drop one project. Two finished WIP’s in one week is pretty damn impressive anyway. I’m setting the bar high for next week. 😛

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