Sleep! The Great Interrupter of Progress

I was hoping to have the first draft of my novel finished today, and I’ve almost got all of my new ideas patched into it. I did not, however, spend much time on it yesterday. I edited a bit, and added 288 new words.

Even having a day off, if I fail to get up early, I run out of time.

Early for me is getting up around 4 or 5 am. Sometimes earlier. Getting up so early gives me time to myself, and I spent all of yesterday hanging out and playing with the family. I did need the sleep. I’m physically active enough that my body needs time to recover. I realize that sleep is good for me both mentally and physically, but I still resent the need for it. I would drop my sleep down to a few hours if I could.

Anyway, tomorrow. I’m going to try and wrap this novel up by tomorrow night.


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