Rough Year So Far

January Through March

As the title implies, it’s been a rough year. I had a busy January and February, working 6 days a week for the post office. Also got incredibly sick first part of January (last time I blogged), and still had to get up and go to work because there was no one able to cover. Try carrying the mail with a stomach flu for 8 hours a day. Oh. My. Gosh. And THEN!!!! I ended up wiping out my stomache with two hernias (really rough January and February…), had surgery on said hernias in March, spent March recovering, and jury duty in April.

May’s gonna be great.

One thing that’s changed in my life is my inability to get up early anymore. I used to get up around 4 am to get extra word count in, but lately it’s been impossible. maybe it has something to do with recovery, or the exhaustion. I’m not in the great shape I’ve been in, in the past, or maybe I’m just more exhausted. I dunno. Still trying to get back on my writing schedule regardless.

The Positive

I did manage to finish a project I started clear back when I first finished Broken Things, I think like in 2013. That’s my horror novel Crawl. To help spur me to write it, I broke the book into three chunks and released it as a serial. Maybe not the best way to release a book, but it worked. I even tied it in with The Unresting and Sharkbait, though only with little Easter Egg references. If nothing else, I have that to show for 2019 (now to work on the paperback). I also released a 5 part serial under a romance pen name during my recovery downtime, so that’s a win.

Also had a short horror story published by Z Publishing House.

Wakapa Academy, a High School here in Buhl, did a G.S. Wright quarter, which was awesome. They read Broken Things, Soul Sister, and Sharkbait, depending on the grade level. Some students read all three, and a few read almost everything I’ve written . O.o

I’ll also be the Key Note Speaker at their graduation next month.

New Challenges

No, not planning on anything horrific, I just need to get myself back into competitive writing shape and get back some of my old habits that have slipped.

  1. Let’s blog daily for a week. Because why the hell not? Let’s make this through May 7th (an extra two days).
  2. Minimum word count progress: 2k a day through May 7. Should be higher. I’m going to be gentle to start. That’s 18k by the end of a week from Tuesday.
  3. Daily yoga. Or calisthenics. Or 10+ miles of walking. Something.
  4. Music. An hour or so a day on the guitar or at the keyboard.
  5. Social Media? I’ve been away.

Today’s Writing Projects

  1. Work on a pen name romance. Complete: 12332/20000
  2. Work on my current novel project. Complete: 2750/50000

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