Word Count for Jan 13, 16

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Here I am, on the last day of week 2 of 2016, and so far I’v managed to get myself to my chair and write at least 1000 words a day. If you are following me, you probably have heard I’m pushing for at least 2,700 words a day, to hit the 1 million mark, or even better, 5,500 words a day for that lofty 2 million end of year word count. I’m currently sitting quite comfortably between both goals at 3,400 words a day. This is done by balancing out my low writing days with 6,000+ ones.

Writing has been my main focus over everything else, which means my editing is going slowly. Spilling Blood 11 is slowly going through the second draft/editing, and I am struggling with dividing my attention between pen names. I have to remind myself to look at the big picture, that 65,000 words of this month will be G.S. Wright titles, and 30,000 words will be pen names.

Is that nuts? 65,000 words. That’s more than I’ve ever written in a single month. And there’s another 30k going out under other names. My average will currently shoot me past the 95k by about an additional 10k. January’s looking good.

Tomorrow I can look at this better after I accomplish today’s writing. I am having thoughts of stretching out the Hungry Gods series into four novels instead of a trilogy. I’m about half way through a target 50k novel, and there’s still a lot of story to cover.

Word Counts

1/13/16 Word Count: 3,359 (ave. 1,620 wph) 

Hungry Gods 3 +1,515. 24,797/50,000

Spilling Blood 11 +59. 16,479/15,000  Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +015,020/20,000

Pen Name Book +898. 12,204/20,000

January Word Count: 44,770

For Year: 44,770

2016 Completed Projects: Short Story.

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