Writer’s Life – Jan 19, 16

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Yes! That’s a new title for Daily Word Count you see up there. Because, word count, right? But Writer’s Life… that sounds adventurous.

And it could be! Sometimes! Because, writers!

And yesterday was no exception. I had an antagonist enter the story of my life. I totally didn’t expect it. It was my computer. It froze up on me three times, and once I lost a few hundred words in Hungry Gods. Of course, I’m blaming the Windows update from Microsoft that happened the night before. Microsoft is the Big Bad of this story, and the PC like maybe a Level Boss, or even an anti-hero (since we’re usually friends – but that’s how it usually works with antagonists, the ones who love you the most are deal out the most hurt). There’s no resolution yet. It’s like an obscure indie film leaving the audience wondering if this glimpse into the protagonist’s life is just there to leave us wondering if it’s a profound statement about life and inevitability.

And while my PC sabotaged much of my productivity, I did manage to release Spilling Blood ep 11 (there will be an official announcement later), as well as plan for a Spilling Blood series sale starting in a couple days, PLUS! Word count.

So yesterday’s writing kept me completely in the world of Hungry Gods. It is ~69% complete. I fell beneath my minimum daily writing goal of 2,750 words, because… you know… PC issues.

Word Counts

1/19/16 Word Count: 2,636 (ave. 1,757 wph) 

Hungry Gods 3 +2,636. 34,658/50,000

Pen Name Book +0. 21,858/20,000 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +019,396/20,000

January Word Count: 67,024

For Year: 67,024

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, Short Story.

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