Broken Things Part 1-1

For the next two weeks (excluding weekends) I’m going to post and share the first Part of Broken Things. In case you’re just joining this blog, Broken Things is a sci-fi novel about an abandoned and broken android kid trying to make his way home. Some sections are long, others short. The novel is available in paperback and for your Kindle here: Broken Things. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Broken Things


Broken Things

Copyright © 2013 G.S. Wright

Published by G.S. Wright

All rights reserved.

Part 1-1

Josh Norton seemed just like all the other boys, he enjoyed playing sports and video games, playing with toy guns and swords, watching cartoons, and even had a small collection of vintage action figures. His parents had also bought him a new bike that put all of his friends’ old broken things to shame. In every regard he was as normal a boy as money could buy.

None of that made him special. All of his interests, right down to his personality, were individually chosen at time of purchase. A complex set of algorithms took those details and made it almost impossible to tell him from a real boy, a perfect kid designed to his owners’ specifications. His generation was highly sought after by would-be parents, thanks to the nearly infinite combination of personality traits, and they were available from infant to fifteen.

There hadn’t been a real child born for twenty years, the price the world paid for near immortality, so few knew what to compare a kid to anyway. Their own childhood memories were faint and lost to their hubris, and with it, their empathy for nurturing.

Josh Norton’s life, as he knew it, had to end.


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