I had a feel good victory with my novel Broken Things. I have an 11 year old son that does not like to read. His mind wanders when he reads (he calls it blacking out) and it makes his book reports an ordeal. We tell him how many pages he has to read in each sitting so that he can finish his book on time to write the report.  For February, he’s reading my novel Broken Things.

He can’t hardly put it down! He says its the most intense book he’s ever read, and called it scary. He’s become emotionally attached to the protagonist and actually whined yesterday when he didn’t have time to read. That is my feel good victory with Broken Things. 🙂

Of course Broken Things isn’t a young reader or YA novel. I didn’t make it an easy read, nor did I hold back to make it kid/family friendly. With that said, it’s not something that I’m afraid to let my kids read either. Part of it may be the 12-year old protagonist is of an age that my son relates to. He could put himself into the character’s shoes far easier than the adult reader could. I would imagine that an adult reader feels the story from a parent’s point of view. In fact I suspect that this will hold true for any of the book’s audience. I think it will have a very strong divide between how a younger reader experiences this book and how an adult will.

If you’ve read Broken Things, let me know what you think. If you haven’t, grab it on the Kindle or in paperback over on Amazon.

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