10% Off Broken Things Paperback Edition



That’s right, the paperback edition of BROKEN THINGS is 10% off. This is not my sale, this is something that Amazon is doing. I have no idea how long the sale will be. Just today? A week? I have no idea. Not into ebooks? This is the perfect chance to own BROKEN THINGS at a great low price.  Click here to visit Amazon and grab a copy. 
The Kindle Edition is on sale for $0.99 through this week as part of a Multi-Author Indie Ebook Sale. Check out this link to discover 12 great Indie Authors at a great price.

4 thoughts on “10% Off Broken Things Paperback Edition

  1. Hey Garth,
    Good luck with the sale. Does Amazon just spring these sales on you? Does your cut of the purchase change when they have a sale? I was just curious.

    • Thanks, Susan. From what I’ve read, it does not affect the author’s cut. From my browsing, it looks like Amazon has discounted all books on their site between 5% to 25%. It caught me off guard, but I’m more than happy to promote it. 🙂

      • That’s good to hear! I am doing more and more research about self publishing, and the idea is beginning to really gel with me. Just because I am curious, did you research other self publishing avenues besides Amazon? If so how did they differ?

    • I am actually a familiar with Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, and have been involved with releasing books through all sites. I’ll eventually use those other channels, but right now it’s more a matter of taking advantage of Amazon’s marketing with their Select program. They do a good job with their promos. Kobo is seeing a lot of growth, and they are an aggressive ebook company, and B&N is awesome. It is painful not to be on those sites, but until they can compete with Amazon’s reach, Amazon gets temporary exclusiveness.

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