The Return of the G.S. Wright Elusive Monday Update

Back to Writing

Yes, it’s been awhile since my last Monday update, mainly because life. It’s difficult to do an update when I feel I am not moving forward fast enough.

For the most part, my word count for the year is only 128k, and here we are in July. Most of my time has gone to other things, and working elsewhere. As far as accomplishments? I published all of Spilling Blood Season 3. All 4 episodes are up on Amazon, of course, 14 books in total for the entire series.

With that, this week’s goal is to get Season 3 in a single volume, for those of you who prefer to read it as a novel and not as a serial. So that’s coming soon.

As far as other writing goes, my next book is a zombie romance. More coming on that later. It’s in the revision phase, and with a little luck, I’ll make a lot of progress this week.

So, not much of an update, except I’ve got some projects coming along.


I’m not going to look back at this year’s goals, except to get as many words as I can out before the end of the year. At this point, I’ll be happy if I hit 200k. If I get a good week of writing in, maybe I’ll rethink everything, see where I’m going.


And I’m going to try and blog again. Like, here we are, right? Yesterday I did a writing prompt based on ideas I generate fairly frequently. Basically, I’ve got more story ideas than I’m ever going to use, so I thought I’d share some with you for awhile. Watch for another batch next Sunday.

Last Week’s Adventures

I spent quite a bit of time this week with friends visiting from California, though they’re not going to be Californians any longer. They’re moving to Washington. My friend Denny is an amazing guitarist, so I’ve had the opportunity to hear some incredible playing. Incidentally, his wife Jennifer happens to be my amazing cover artist for the plethora of my books.

I got dread locks on Thursday.


Picture courtesy of Snapchat GoT filter.

I and the fam spent yesterday in Gooding, Idaho at a Basque Festival. I’m not Basque, but it’s still a good time.


Sounds like I’m heavy into cultural appropriation, doesn’t it?

2017 Week 2 Accountability

This morning I woke up to frost.

Anyway, here’s the official week 2 accountability post!


The Goal: Write Every Day. Hit 2 million words for the year. Write a book a week.

Actual: I wrote 4 out of 7 days. Week Total: 14,421. Daily Average: 2,060. Words per Hour: 2,653. Books Written This Week: 1. rough draft completed.

January Totals: 31,085 words; Daily Average: 2,391; Words Per Hour: 2,646; Books Written: 3; Books Published: 0

I am still well below averaging high enough for 2 million words for the year, but fortunately, just a little behind for hitting one million. I am still cautiously optimistic for both. As far as writing every day? On those three days, I wasn’t home. As soon as I got off work with the post office, I left again. I did manage to finish something, though.

Spilling Blood episode 14 is complete. I hope to have episode 13 revised this week, and hopefully published by the weekend.

The biggest distractions to writing this week were working for the post office and grinding xp for my Rock Band Crew in the mornings before going to work. I know, I know. I’m playing a game. 😛

I am going to continue and put off adding any other goals until my writing is more stable. This remains the focus.

  • This week I will write something new, I haven’t decided yet.
  • I will complete editing on Spilling Blood 13, get it to my proofreading crew, and get it published.
  • I will up my minimal writing from a minimum of 30 minutes a day to a full hour.


I didn’t get a chance to even touch my guitar last week. I think I will launch my music goal in February. Why because there’s a site called That’s February Album Writing Month. Hell, why not?


As far as putting off my other goals, I think I will add back in one. Social Media, and specifically, Instagram. I will post at least one photo a day this week, and more as I can. Please follow me. 🙂


2017 Week 1 Accountability

The first week of 2017 is over, and time for Week 1 Accountability.


The Goal: Write Every Day. Hit 2 million words for the year. Write a book a week.

Actual: I wrote 6 out of 7 days. Week Total: 16,664. Daily Average: 2,381. Words per Hour: 2,641. Books Written: 2. Two rough drafts completed.

So this word count won’t get me to a million words, and not even close to 2 million. I have to really pick up the pace. I had two free days to write, where I wrote over 11k combined. Then our snowstorm hit, and I’ve been called in every day to help with the Post Office. I tried to make myself write for 30 minutes every day, even when exhausted (we got *a lot* of snow). By Friday, my willpower was shot, and Saturday, I no longer had a plan (two first drafts completed, so either needed to edit or start something new).

The books completed were Spilling Blood episode 13 and a pen name novel.

And distractions besides the Post Office? I was offered a position in a Top 10 Rock Band 4 Rivals Crew. How could I say no? 😀 And then Netflix – they have all of Season 10 of Hell on Wheels. *Sigh*

Other: I did not take the move into poetry. I may start this goal later, but it’s going to take a back seat to my prose.


I put off starting this goal due to time constraints. it is a secondary goal to writing.


I didn’t even bother with these goals, as I was barely participating in goal #1.

The weather doesn’t look to be letting up much this week, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. My focus this week will be to write Spilling Blood 14 and get my previous two projects edited. That might be a full week, depending on the weather.

My 2017 Writer Goals

Hello, 2017, goodbye, 2016! Last year’s goals trickled out with a quiet, embarrassing poot. This year, I’m bringing to the table all new goals, along with some favorite oldies.

When I reexamined my goals and what I want to do this year, I decided that I want to focus on how I define myself. Therefore, my goals this year will focus on 2 things, writing and music. These are the two things (other than family) that bring me happiness, so I’m going to devote my time to having them daily in my life.

GOAL 1: Writing! I’m going to write 1 million words this year. And I will write every day. The real goal, again, is 2 million, because why not truly bury myself in disappointment by December? I am going to talk about what I’ve learned in 2016 about meeting and failing this goal later. I think I’m fine-tuning my writing ability. Anyway!!!!

Goal 1.1: A story a week. I might not get it published the week I finish, but I will have it written.

Goal 1.2: A novel a month. Just like the short story, I’ll have it written, but it’ll get published when it is ready.

Goal 1.3: Poetry. This is a small goal. I might not even share much of this, but I’m thinking I want to create poetry at least every now and then, if not daily.

GOAL 2: Music! This year, I want to get better on the guitar, and maybe later this year, the piano. So, this brings me to:

Goal 2.1: Learn a song a week. 52 songs in one year? Yes. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I have a fun repertoire to annoy people with at parties.

Goal 2.2: WRITE a song a week. Because that would just be cool.

The idea is that I will practice daily, and by 2018, I’ll have a bit of talent development.

Other minor goals:

Zazzle. I like Zazzle, and it provides a little bit of spending money throughout the year. I’ve got a few new store ideas I want to do, so I’ll share them as I make time.

Youtube. I intend to embarrass myself throughout the year, primarily with my music, in front of the world. This will be a difficult goal, because as a writer, I’m happier not being seen.

Social Media and Blogging. I will try to be more active. It’s easy not to be.

Part of the problem with my goals is that I saw them as chores that had to be done. This year, though they are mostly going to be daily, I’m going to try and have the attitude that I want to do these things every day, and it’s how I want to spend my time.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about why I see myself failing from past experience, and how I think I should go forward.

Monday Update #2 (For 2015)


52 Books in 52 Weeks

As a recap, last week committed to the goal of writing 52 books in 52 weeks. Week one is over, and I am ahead of schedule!

Week 1: 2 books. Ahead of schedule. Books Released: Spilling Blood Episode 10; Spilling Blood Season II. (click on the covers or on the text to be teleported to Amazon)

spillingbloodcover2-ep10  spillingbloodcover2

Words written last week: 8,938. Averaged 1,788 words a day (across 5 days, I rarely write on the weekends). Most of my time was spent editing and revising Spilling Blood 10, and the Season II collection.

This Week’s Projects

All attention is going to finishing Soul Sister. As it currently stands I am at 34,531 of 50,000 words. The final word count is not fixed, and may well go over.

If I get a chance to work on a second project, I’ll move on to the third book of the Apocalypse Witch series.

Also, I still have a long way to go to finish the paperback of Spilling Blood Season II, which I’d like to finish this week and get submitted to Createspace.


Guess what? Broken Things is on sale this week! Grab it for $0.99 on Amazon for your kindle reader. You’re welcome.

Broken Things