Cover Reveal for The Apocalypse Witch Trilogy

Is it time?! I think it is! Check out this beautiful Apocalypse Witch cover, designed by the ever-so-talented and extraordinary cover artist Jennifer Pack at Black Cat Studios Design and Photography.


Jennifer does such an incredible job bringing my desired imagery to fruition. This will also be the cover of the paperback, and again, this will include the Apocalypse Witch Trilogy.

When can you get this ebook in your eager kindle reader app? I’m so glad you asked! May 8th is the day. It’s coming up fast! The paperback will be a few weeks after that (probably).

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Cover Reveal for New Novel: Death Storm

As promised, here is the new cover for the dark fantasy apocalypse novel: DEATH STORM.


Soooo…. release date….  Yeah… It’s still a few days away from release. Keep watching, it’s going to be soon.

Cover Credit: Sherry Baker. I found this awesome cover designer. Check out her gallery by clicking on her name. 🙂