Writing Update Sept 25, ’20

I don’t do these updates nearly enough anymore. I used to do them on Mondays, but I’m gonna move them to Fridays.


This week, I uploaded updated files for my novel Sharkbait on Amazon. This update fixes a bunch of errors that slipped past the initial editing and proofreading phase. this current version is 1.1.

I believe you can redownload or update the ebook on your kindle ebook device.

All future paperback purchases should be version 1.1 also.


I am also nearly done with the paperback edition of Crawl. I wrote this book last Spring – not 2020 Spring, but 2019 Spring – and am just now getting around to getting it in paperback. I have been so distanced this year from my writing that I seriously forgot. Hopefully that’s changing.

Writers Life and an Apocalypse Witch Update March 9, 16

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Yesterday I did other things than doing much writing. I went to Storytime at the library with my youngest, I went to Twin Falls to get back my two repaired acoustic guitars, and I grilled for supper. I also had an article about me appear in the Buhl Herald, the local newspaper (see yesterday’s post). Writing-wise, I wrote a little on a short story, and I put together Apocalypse Witch into one single volume, and am going through all three books as though they are one.

If you are still waiting on Book 3 of Apocalypse Witch, it is on its way. However, since I’ve taken a large amount of time in getting it done, I’m going through all three books to make sure they are cohesive as a whole. It’l be better this way. I promise. 🙂 That also means the complete collection of all 3 books will be out sooner rather than later, and the paperback of the same will be right on its heels. I’ll probably do this with Hungry Gods too.

3/9/16 Word Count: 973 (ave. 1,736 wph) Editing: ~1 hour

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +0 11,117/15,000

Pen Name Novella #2 +0 5,536/20,000

Pen Name Short Story #5 +868 3,861/5,000

Pen Name Short Story #6 +0 2,262/5,000

Hungry Gods 3 +0. 58,009 Editing

Apocalypse Witch Trilogy +105 57,819 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648 Editing

March Word Count: 26,989

2016: January: 103,398, February: 11,551

For Year: 141,938

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, 1 Novella, 4 Short Stories

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Monday Update – On the Horizon

Before I get to the meat of this post, I got to point this out… If you visit this blog from time to time, you can see it’s got a bit of a new look. That feed you see on the left hand side is a visual peek at my Twitter, Facebook, and G+ feeds. That’s through RebelMouse.

NOW! My second novel is almost complete. I promised a hint at the beginning of this month, and then never delivered. Here’s the tease: It’s a fantasy apocalypse. The stereotypical fantasy world is getting a zombie apocalypse. It’s planned to be a series called Hungry Gods. That name might not stick, but I’m liking it so far. I know that doesn’t quite follow the same feel as BROKEN THINGS, but it’s something I wanted to write for fun. 🙂  It will also introduce my writing to a new audience.

Secondly, May and June have a plethora of book signings coming up. I haven’t updated the book signing page as of writing this post, but there will be three (!!!) signings in Boise this weekend. And then next week, I’ll be returning to Twin Falls to sign books with two other authors at Hastings. I’ll be posting the hours early this week for upcoming book sales and signings.