Indie Author Day at the Buhl Public Library

Quick Summary: I am participating in Indie Author Day on October 8th, ’16, along with a lot of other Idaho writers/authors. Follow me (and the event) on various social media. 🙂


This Saturday, I, along with around 15 other authors (or more!), will be at the Buhl Public Libray for Indie Author Day. While most of the day is centered around workshops for indie authors, I will be signing books afterward, starting at 3:30 pm to 5 pm. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet many other indie authors.

I will have my newest novels there, including Apocalypse Witch and Soul Sister.

I am also going to attempt to keep up a steady stream of Snapchat and Instagram Stories throughout the event. Twitter and Facebook too. It might be too much Social Media. Just. Maybe. We’ll see.

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

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Are you a writer? Here’s a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions to consider and ideas for implementing them. As a bonus, each includes a Hard Core version for you writing beasts.

  1. Write. You’re a writer, so this one makes sense. Life has many distractions like Netflix, Facebook, Video Games, and our cell phones. Take time away from what consumes your time and move it to writing. Set a minimum goal of finding 30 minutes a day to write, whether journaling, poetry, or a story. Hard Core Goal: Write every day, and find a minimum of 2 hours.
  2. Read. If you are going to be distracted by anything, it should be reading. Decide on a number of books you intend to read for the year. Utilize Goodreads to keep track of your “want to read” library, and participate in their 2016 Reading Challenge. Hard Core Goal: 100 Books in 2016.
  3. Word Count. Set a daily or weekly writing goal. If you have to, start with something manageable like 500 words. When you find yourself exceeding your daily goal with regularity, increase again. Continue to challenge yourself. For some perspective, a novel in a month (a 50k NANOWRIMO) requires 1667 words a day. Hard Core Goal: target 5k to 10k a day.
  4. Become Full Time. Why not write for a living? The challenge here is to make money writing. That means finding markets, a publisher, self-publishing, learning marketing (like Facebook’s ads), and writing more stories. This is a great goal, especially if you like working in sweats. Hard Core Goal: Support your family on this income.
  5. Book in a Month. Some people like to do this in November, but there’s 11 other months to choose from, and 7 that give a precious extra day. Hard Core Goal: One novel every month.
  6. Build your Platform. Make a resolution to get yourself known. Be a regular on Social Media and grow your followers. Check out to measure your influence and expertise in topics as a writer. Hard Core Goal: Achieve over 20k followers across all social media.
  7. Book Signings. Even if you are an introvert, getting out and meeting people will sell those paperbacks you’ve got in a box in the closet. Find other authors to share expenses with at trade shows and farmer’s markets. Plus you don’t look lonely and ignored at bookstores if traffic sucks. Get to know the bookstore clerks. Hard Core Goal: Set up a signing a month.
  8. Finish your Work in Progress. Stop going back and editing. Stop ignoring it. Force yourself to dive in and get it done. Hard Core Goal: Move on.
  9. Get Fit. Everyone seems to make this resolution, right? At minimum, get out and walk. Get a treadmill. Eat better, cut back on sugar and soda, find a program that works for your body type. Hard Core Goal: Get fit! Spend 4 hours a week in the gym. Show the world what a ripped writer looks like.
  10. Network. Meet other writers, editors, cover designers. Exchange advice. Participate in writer/author groups. Meet in person and have coffee. You’ll learn a lot from others. Hard Core Goal: Be the one who starts a group. Keep it going and growing. Set up book signings for your group.

What are your resolutions for this year? Please share them in the comments below. 😀

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Book Signing This Friday

Are you in Twin Falls, Idaho or the surrounding area this Friday (April 19, 2013)? I will be selling and signing copies of BROKEN THINGS at The Art and Soul of the Magic Valley in the Lynwood Shopping Center (1329 Filer Avenue East) from 10 am to 3 pm, along with other authors of the Idaho Authors’ Community. I have limited copies available of my book for the signing, so come early if you’re buying. FYI – I got in on this a bit late, so I did not have time to get a reorder. For future signings, I will have plenty. Watch for more book signing announcements soon.

Here’s the Press Release: 

Idaho Authors’ Community is coming to the Magic Valley

The Idaho Authors’ Community, a statewide organization of authors and authors-to-be, is coming to the Magic Valley to do a book signing event on Friday, April 19. The event will be held at The Art and Soul of the Magic Valley (Lynwood Shopping Center – 1329 Filer Avenue East in Twin Falls) from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The book-signing offers an opportunity for the public to meet and talk with Idaho authors, and to view a number of different literary works including, fiction, non-fiction, business, historical novels, military memoirs, children’s books, self-enrichment and humor.

The Idaho Authors’ Community is designed to bring readers and local authors together in support of a common interest; reading for pleasure and self-enrichment. In 2013, the IAC will hold book signings in all 44 Idaho counties. If you know of potential locations for IAC events or are interested in joining the IAC, contact Jane Freund or Wynette Mellen at or 208-407-7457 (Jane).